5 Things That Make Cats Sad 

Despite their reputation for being a bit aloof, unloving and unfeeling, cats are in fact, incredibly perceptive creatures who need just as much social interaction as any other animal you keep as a pet. It is terribly common for a cat to suffer from sadness, which can be triggered by something you may not even notice, like a moved water bowl. In most cases, cat owners themselves often struggle to try to figure out why their cat is sad when it begins to show signs of depression. It’s essential to always be attentive when dealing with your cat. Observing their behavior, and noticing their symptoms, can often point to the problem, and provide the solution to bring your furry friend back into your loving arms.

But what are the symptoms of a sad cat, how can you tell when your feline is down in the dumps? There are several signs .
So why are they feeling this way, why are they feeling sad, and scared and anxious ?

Here are 5 things that make your cat sad, and what you can do, to help them move past these emotional downs : (continue reading in next page) .


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